About Us

Our Values

At Superior, our culture is one that is driven by the following values:


At Superior, we always take pride in our work. We believe that if a job is worth doing, it is worth doing right the first time. We work to provide the highest quality products and services to our clients and it starts with our team.


We believe that integrity and honesty are two of the main pillars that make up good business. At Superior we take great pride in integrity, not only among team members but in how we deal with our customers as well.


We tend to use the word team a lot in the workplace. This is because at Superior we hold good teamwork in the highest regard. We strive to create a strong community focused on common goals, goals fueled by strong communication.


In order to produce high quality services and products, we believe it is vital that team members own their work. We give our team members a lot of autonomy in how they choose to do their work, resulting in an environment of excellence.

Teaching & Learning

It is our strong belief that a team that teaches one another and learns from one another becomes a strong, cohesive unit. It is critical to our mission that our team members have the attitude and openness of a lifelong learner.


In order to develop a team that trusts one another, we believe in being transparent from the top levels of management all the way down to our interns. At Superior we strive to encourage an open and honest culture resulting in a strong team on the same page.